Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

Fun Facts:

  • Written by J. Frederick Coots (music) and Haven Gillespie (lyrics)  in 1934.
  • Coots brought it to his publisher, who didn’t think much of the song but thought it might sell to kids.
  • First performed on Eddie Cantor’s NBC radio show in 1934, by the next morning 100,000 copies of sheet music had been ordered and 400,000 copies had sold by Christmas.
  • First recorded by Harry Reser in 1934.

Featured Artist: Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra

  • Dorsey was one of the great band leaders during the Big Band era (1930s – 1940s).
  • Dorsey was known as a tough perfectionist who discovered and trained many great musicians including Glenn Miller, Frank Sinatra, Buddy Rich, Jo Stafford, Carl “Doc” Severinsen, Axel Stordahl, and Nelson Riddle.
  • On this recording, Cliff Weston and Eydth Wright share the vocals.

Notable Covers:


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